As people barely recognize the adverse effects of drugs, drug addiction is increasingly becoming a serious issue in our country.

Whether it is the addiction of prescribed pills or hard drugs, it can be extremely noxious. Using drugs for a longer period can affect everything – from work and finance to health and personal relationships – reducing your entire life to rubble.

Sadly, there are very few initiatives to educate and explain the public about the possible signs indicating that you need to attend a rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation centers, not just provide you the right atmosphere to quit your injurious habits, but also help you regain the control of your life.

Look out for these signs hinting that you are addicted to a drug, and thus should immediately attend a rehab to break your addiction. The quicker you are admitted, the sooner your journey to sobriety will begin.

1.     You Have Built Up Tolerance

People using substance may build up tolerance over time. This means that your body has become tolerant to the small amount of drug, and thus requires more and more of a drug to get stimulated. As this occurs, the person may begin taking larger quantity of substance to get high.

If the quantity of drug in your body reaches a level that is intolerable, it may bring with it a number of issues, such as higher chances of overdosing, leading to unconsciousness, abnormal pulse rate, and breathing problems. If you notice any of these signs, you might be experiencing an overdose and should seek assistance immediately.

2.     Decreased Appetite

Drug addiction may affect your desire to eat. This occurs because your body begins preferring drug over food leading to poor intake of healthy food. If you have begun missing out on meals or, your substance addiction may have reached an alarming level. It is time to go to rehabilitation.

3.     Become More Reclusive

Those with drug addiction may become reclusive over time. If you find yourself avoiding the company of family and friends, missing out on work or education, and inability in remembering where you have been spending most of your time, it is a sign you need to consult a counselor. These signs may appear together with lack of motivation, feeling of loneliness, and depression.

4.     Mood Swings

Drugs can bring about chemical changes in your brain and body, which may lead to frequent mood swings. When you begin experiencing rapid shifts in mood, even when you have not induced yourself with drugs, you should seek professional help.

Drug addiction can be life-threatening, if left untreated. If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, visit us to get complete addiction treatment and recovery in Orange County. Our rehab in Orange County not just offers a professionally-designed recovery program, but also provides a pleasant environment to help you get a fresh start with ease.

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