For a long time, talking about addiction was considered a taboo. While the modern times have seen a shift in this thinking, we still have a lot to improve upon.

With the easy access of knowledge comes inaccurate information. Combined with the traditional hearsay, this misinformation further encourages long-held myths.

The biggest disadvantage is that these myths make it harder for addicts to seek proper treatment and attempt at a life without using addictive substances. Their struggles are already a burden; the stigma further adds to it.

Let’s learn about these myths, so we can stop them from spreading further!

Myth #1: The addiction gene

No single gene or combination of them rules addiction. Having or not having particular genetic traits doesn’t determine who will become an addict. Even if your parents are addicts, it doesn’t mean you have addiction ‘in your genes’.

Addiction tendencies can be genetic, but is mainly influenced by environment and one’s own experiences. This also indicates that just because your parents weren’t addicts at any point doesn’t mean you’ll not be as well. Addiction should never be taken lightly.

Myth #2: Addiction is for life

This is not only false, but a dangerous belief as well. Several individuals have lost hope of addiction recovery because of this. We have to remember that addiction is more of a spectrum—a person can be anywhere on this spectrum.

However, the sooner one stops, the more chances of quicker and complete recovery.

Myth #3: Addiction Damages One’s Brain Beyond Recovery

Drug abuse is damaging for your brain and your body. But this is an oversimplification. Drugs can affect your mental as well as physical health. However, this doesn’t mean that the person is damaged beyond repair or recovery. In fact, complete recovery from the side effects is possible in most cases.

Myth #4: It all starts with Marijuana

Mostly, it’s the prescription drugs that act as an addiction gateway. Abuse of these drugs is far more common than marijuana use, especially in teenagers. It is because these drugs have strong addictive properties, making long-term users susceptible to addiction.

Myth #5: Addiction means hitting rock bottom

No, a person does not need to hit rock bottom to be addicted. In fact, this is the most extreme form of addiction. Instead of waiting to reach an all-time low, a person should realize that their lifestyle is being dictated by substance abuse, and seek timely treatment.

It’s time we all stop believing in these myths. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment can assist you in the recovery process. If you’re ready for a new beginning, get registered today!