Rehabilitation programs, with an option of residing nearby, prove to be a more intensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This is often a more favored choice for those motivated to get rid of addiction completely.

At these facilities, the addiction treatment services are often tailored to an individual’s needs. This reduces the chance of relapse, once an individual is on their path to recovery.

To some people, residential treatment may seem like an inpatient program. However, these facilities often apply integrative treatment approaches to help recover fully. Their primary focus is recovery of both, mind and body. We offer both, outpatient services, as well as   sober living residencies.

1.     A change of lifestyle

It provides distance from your previous lifestyle. There are many stressors in our environment which increases alcohol and drug consumption. Things like people’s attitudes, work life problems, and peer pressure can further worsen your addiction.

Patients when residing in a setting away from their lifestyle, places and people can feel safer and make quicker recovery.

2.     In-depth monitoring of patient

If a therapy session or any such related activity only occurs once a week, it can become difficult for both patient and counselor to meet goals.

More contact and regularity of events can help everyone stay on track.

Our treatment program and residencies offer group sessions and sports activities often take place. This refreshes individuals in treatment and reenergizes them towards recovery.

3.     Create a peer system

Group sessions and other activities carried out as part of a team help people communicate with each other. This creates a close-knit team with individual recovery goals but a combined support system.

Seeing other people going through the same process helps them stay on track. Furthermore, they build lasting relationships with people who they can talk to about their addiction struggles.

4.     Integrative approach is adopted

Most inpatient treatment reduces the freedom a person has. Our outpatient program, along with the sober living option, provides a treatment program similar to residential rehabs.

Not only does it provide a person with appropriate therapies to target both addiction and mental health problems, it also gives them freedom to live on their own.

5.     Support for families

Opting for a residency doesn’t mean that you’ll be separated from your family. In fact, our addiction recovery programs offer support for families; most importantly, kids, spouse and parents.

We understand that family support can be a great motivator for an individual in recovery. Also, families are also affected by a person’s struggles and need support.

Our sober living residencies for both men and women provide a safe and fresh alternative. Sign up today to begin your path to recovery.