Addicts who commit themselves to a drug rehabilitation center want nothing more than to free themselves from the downward spiral of substance abuse.

However, this can be a challenging task and requires strong commitment and dedication. By practicing patience and restraint, even the worst of substance abusers can overcome their addiction.

Use these five steps to not just ensure your recovery, but also expedite it.


One of the root causes of people trying drugs is that they were seeking a medium through which they can de-stress.

Drugs are a misguided way to accomplish this goal as they inadvertently lead to the rise of even more stress, through drug related incidents.

Finding a healthy alternative to de-stress is important. Yoga, medication, pets, and painting all help with achieving this objective.

clubsAvoid Clubs

Do not put yourself in situations where you can gain access to abusive substances easily.

Avoid bars, clubs, and parties that may have harmful substances available. Such places can be associated with your memories of drug, and may trigger intense urges within you again. You can easily relapse into usage if you attend them as your sheer proximity to these substances can trigger strong cravings within you.

coloursTake Up a New Hobby

While you may have to turn down invitations to parties and bars, that does not mean that you take away the fun in life.

In fact, it is crucial that you enjoy your sobriety. So indulge in activities that are healthy for your recovery. Take part in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Get a pet that you love and cherish. Adopt a new hobby like jogging and surfing. Settling into a new and healthy routine is vital to avoiding relapse.

happyStay in Touch

You are not the only one seeking fun in their post-addiction life. Stay in touch with your support group with whom you underwent treatment and go on activities along with them.

At this point in your life, they might be the people who can best empathize and understand your feelings.

Be more attentive towards your family as well. Families have a vital role to play in ensuring long term treatment from drug abuse. Feelings of loneliness are a leading cause behind people taking up substance abuse and the support of a family member can help alleviate such emotions.

Stay Strong

No matter how hard one tries, relapses can happen during rehabilitation. What’s important is that you stay strong and try to recover from the setback. Do not be discouraged and power ahead.

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