Rehabilitation is the only hope for drug addicts and their families to heal and restore their lives. But, most substance abusers are unaware of why they should consider rehabilitation or how the treatment can help them recover. What’s more, misconceptions further prevent addicts and their families from seeking help which only adds to their problems.

In reality, much of what people assume about addiction recovery bears little or no resemblances to the truth. Given that, we are separating here facts from fiction to help those struggling with substance abuse problems get a realistic idea of the process of recovery.

Myth#1: Drug Rehab Can Cure Addiction

Rehab is not an end, but a means to an end.

It only shows you a way to get sober rather than putting an end to your urge. This is because addiction is a condition that requires lifelong effort to stay away from harmful habits. If you stop making an effort, there is a chance you may experience relapse and revert to your former addictive behavior. This is why people who have been to rehab for substance abuse recovery are said to be “in recovery” to maintain that the process is continuous and ongoing.

Myth#2: Rehab is For Those Who Have Hit Rock Bottom

While addicts or families don’t seek help until rehab is the option for them, it doesn’t mean that they need to become a complete mess to go for treatment. Experts believe that the sooner you enter into the rehabilitation program, the better are your chances of recovering and maintaining a sober life for longer.

Myth#3: I May Lose My Job If I Go to Rehab

It is your addiction, not the rehab that could make you lose your job. Drug abuse has a negative impact on your productivity, vocational performance, and the overall professional life.

Given that, many employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that are designed to support employees who are struggling with substance abuse. If you are facing problems at work due to substance use, your supervisor may refer you to EAP to help you recover from addiction.

Myth#4: Rehab is for Wealthy People

Rehab can be expensive; but there are a number of cost-effective treatment options. Some private insurance carriers now cover screening and part of the substance abuse treatment. Before going for the recovery, make sure that the facility you are choosing accepts your insurance plan.

Don’t let misconceptions keep you from seeking help. Come to us to get the right guidance on how you can recover from your addictive behavior. Along with offering serene mens sober living, we provide complete assistance on living a well-balanced life. Call us at 877-450-1880 to find out more about our program.