Alcohol abuse is not a black and white issue. It lies on a spectrum, and there are numerous stages of addiction that abusers can fall into. The final stage of alcoholism, which is the result of rampant and unsupervised abuse, is the most difficult to overcome. The body effectively becomes dependant on the substance at that point. Enrolling into sober programs is the best way to cure oneself of the menace.

Sleeping Problems

Insomnia is an unavoidable dilemma for a recovering alcoholics. Rampant alcohol abusers become extremely deep sleepers because of the substance in their system. The body begins relying on it in order to shut down for the night. But once they are deprived of these chemicals, a person struggles to go to sleep.

Moreover, once they actually do fall asleep, they suffer from some of the worst nightmares imaginable. They are the result of the brain reacting to the lack of alcohol being consumed. These vivid dreams make it difficult to have a peaceful night rest. Sober living programs give people a safe environment where they can comfortably overcome sleeping issues with professional help.

Getting Sweaty

The first few weeks of undergoing recovery involves sweating out all of the toxins left in the body as a result of the abuse. This residue is stored in the lymph nodes and is excreted thorough the breath, urine and sweat.

The smell that these byproducts produced is unbearable and cannot be dealt with by a simple bath. Walking out drenched in sweat is a public nuisance during the early days of addiction. By moving into a sober living environment, recovering alcoholics can avoid the shame of the stench until the first stage symptoms pass over.

Anger Control

The early days of recovering from excessive alcohol abuse involves a lot of emotional turbulence. Detoxification programs make the brain functions go haywire for a temporary time while it adjusts to its new setting; one with no alcohol to function off of. This results in mood swings and forgetfulness that trigger extreme rage. This anger can pose a threat to other people including family members unless the patient is under professional supervision.

If you or a loved one is a rampant alcoholic who needs an urgent alcohol addiction recovery program, enroll them into the nearest reliable drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. It is important that they are a part of a sober living program so that the withdrawal symptoms are in check. We at Orange County Recovery offer men’s sober living and women’s sober living programs. Call us today by dialing 877-450-1880 to learn more.