2The purpose of drug addiction treatment is to end the vicious cycle that drug abusers have gotten themselves into.

Dependence on drugs represents a loss of control which is what drug addiction treatment aims to fix. After the treatment is complete, former drug abusers should be able to return to a state of normalcy and lead healthier and happier lifestyles, without having to turn to drugs again.

All substance addiction treatments begin with patients being brutally honest with themselves, and understanding where their addiction has brought them. Substance abusers use drugs and alcohol to escape reality; being forced to finally face it is an agonizing experience for them. Coming to terms with the harsh reality of their lives combined with the symptoms of withdrawal requires immense willpower and internal strength.

What do Drug Addiction Treatment Programs consist of?

Drug addiction treatment programs consist of behavioral therapy and medication. The types of medication prescribed to drug abusers differs based on the kind of drugs they were using.

The duration of the treatment is critical because relapse is so common amongst drug abusers. Medication can suppress the urge of using drugs again but it is the behavioral therapy that helps identify why the patient feels the need to use in the first place. Effective drug addiction treatment programs go beyond just the use of drugs and address all the patient’s needs.

Each treatment program is tailored to the patient; some respond better to therapy while others cannot do without medication. As the needs of the patient change with time, the treatment program should be reviewed and altered accordingly. Since drug abusers are inclined to relapse, they need to be monitored constantly.

Therapy should reveal whether the patient is dealing with other psychological issues that also need to be treated.

How Orange County Recovery helps

At Orange County Recovery, we offer a number of addiction treatment services. Our certified team of therapists provide each of our client’s with individual support to determine the root-causes of their addiction. Through our therapies the patient’s gain an understanding of their behavior and are able to make better choices when it comes using drugs.

There are several factors that cause drug addiction including, family history, trauma, stress, peer-pressure and many others. For lasting sobriety, the cause of the addiction needs to be recognized and dealt with.

Our team of therapists narrow down the possible causes and recommend suitable therapies that will best address the patient’s needs.

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