When you were in your active addiction, did you have any spirituality? If you believe in a religion, you probably found yourself praying for help every once in a while. Many people who are in recovery will say they suffered a deficit of spirit, and abandoned any religion they once had when they were using. Yet at the same time, a sliver of hope is enough to help millions of people seek refuge in recovery from addiction every year.

Even through emotional and sometimes physical pain, people are able to find enough hope or faith to try a new way of life, leading them into recovery when they once thought getting clean and sober was impossible. Spirituality while you’re using, however, is hard to accomplish.

Denial Isn’t Spiritual

How many times have you been accused of something, or done something bad, only to tell yourself “I’m not that kind of person!” This is the denial at the crux of your disease. When you’re acting out due to your addiction, you’re not acting in a way that make you or your higher power happy. At the moment you steal, lie or cheat, you ARE that kind of person. That’s what addiction does to you. When you’re facing up to the fact that you are, indeed, that type of person you’ll find that you don’t feel very spiritual at all.

Why Can’t You Be Spiritual When You’re High or Drunk?

Why do many religions forbid getting intoxicated? While each has their own specific answer, it’s easy to assume that you’re not able to study, meditate, or truly commune with a higher power if you’re drunk or passed out from opioid use. In addition, when you’re dependent on a substance and in active addiction, there are things that you might do that are easily against your religious tenets.

Stealing, lying, or otherwise hurting yourself or somebody else are outlawed in most religions. And when you’re under the influence of a substance, you may not even be aware of your spiritual aspirations, either.

Spirituality and Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs definitely have the ability to steal your joy from you, but what about your spirit?

The word “alcohol” itself comes from many the Arabic word Al-kuhl, which means “body eating spirit” . Even in the early days of religions, people recognized that alcohol can change the way a good man or woman acts and thinks. Perhaps this is why so many religions forbid it on some level, especially if you plan to take a leadership position within your religion.

Many religions forbid alcohol because of the belief it harms you and prevents you from reaching your spiritual best. In face, Buddhists frown on drinking wine or spirits because they believe can “disrupt mindfulness and impede one’s progress in the Noble Eightfold Path,” according to Wikipedia.

The Christian religion, while not expressedly forbidding alcohol or drugs, warns followers to drink alcohol with care, and drinking to excess is seen as a vice. In Islam, consumption of any intoxicants is generally forbidden.

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Get Help for Alcohol or Drug Addiction

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