Once you decide to opt for drug rehabilitation, you’ve already taken that big step towards the road to recovery. Admitting you need help takes tremendous effort; make sure what comes next is carefully considered – choosing the drug rehab facility.

Drug Rehabilitation

Most people leave the decision of choosing a facility to their clinical or hospital case workers. Keep in mind that adapting to a facility’s environment is crucial for a healthy recovery. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a rehab facility; ask all the essential questions.

Does the facility specialize in treatment/programs you need?

Find out whether the facility’s physicians and therapists specialize in services you need—whether or not they have experience in identifying problems from specific drugs, and can provide exemplary care and support for individual needs.

Is the facility accredited by applicable governing authorities?

In US, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health-Care Organizations (JCAHO) accredits all rehab facilities. The organization conducts standard multi-day surveys of all its accredited facilities every-three years.

Is the facility environment clean and suitable for living?

When you visit the facility, decide whether the hygiene and surrounding quality conditions meet your standards. Analyze if the facility staff is cordial and understanding towards patients. There should be suitable accommodations for family visitations.

Does the facility offer round the clock quality care?

Drug RehabPatients who are recovering from constant drug use may experience withdrawal and extreme anxiety. A 24-hour round of nurses, therapists and physicians should be available to ensure the patients can receive the attention they need at any time of the day.

How long are the treatment plans?

Patients need to adjust their lifestyle for the duration of their treatment. Drug rehabilitation facilities may offer the option to personalize plans to get them settled into a recovery routine.

Rehab FacilityWhat other additional services does the facility offer?

To maximize the efficiency of the recovery process, it is necessary to take part is extracurricular activities. Check out whether the facility offers services such as balance exercises, exposure to art and music, cooking and relaxation.

Are outpatient physicians/ therapists available?

Once discharged, patients may still feel the need to seek counsel from their facility therapists or avail medical services from facility physicians who they are comfortable with.

Do patients have access to external specialists?

You might need to visit a previous specialist for any physical injury; the facility should be able to provide arrangements for those visits to your convenience.

Also check whether the facility is partnered with any public or anonymous support groups or programs.

At Orange County Recovery, we understand how emotionally daunting it can be for individuals to reach out for support and go through recovery.

We are always available for answering any questions about our rehab programs and our facility. Reach out to us; you may start here by message or contact us at 877-450-1880. We aim to aid you in returning to living your life free from the confines of drug addiction.