When you first got sober, you probably were told to stay away from old people and places. Hanging out with your old drinking or using friends is a temptation that’s usually not worth taking. (Old places are probably a trigger, too.) You can’t go back to the bar or the party house. For the present, it’s suggested that you find new people and places to share your recovery with.

While 12-step meetings may be the bread and butter of your recovery plan, finding new hobbies and forging new relationships is also an important way to move forward.

So, what kinds of ways can you meet and make new friends in recovery?

12 Step Meetings and Events

You’ll probably make new friends at local 12 step meetings. Don’t limit yourself to the ones that are easiest to get to. Are you in the suburbs of Atlanta? Consider driving into the city to find larger meetings. Consider driving out to one farther-away meeting every week on your day off. Take a friend with you. Make sure you get contact information from a few people each time.

Is there an A or NA clubhouse you can get to? After you check out a meeting, look for flyers for events that are happening in the area. Dances, potlucks and other events

Take a Class

Classes are a great way to meet people and there’s no shortage of things to learn out there. Libraries, craft stores, community center, and even bookstores have classes and workshops for a variety of interests. Not all classes cost a lot of money. Use Google to learn about the opportunities in your area.

Not sure what you enjoy? Learn to cook something, meditate, or do yoga. Everyone needs to know how to cook. Meditation and yoga are both considered fun ways to combat stress. Experimenting with new hobbies can be fun and teach you important skills.

Join or Create a Group

Find other people in recovery with interests that you share. Do you like to bike? Or cook? Try a weekly bike ride or a monthly dinner date at a restaurant with sober friends and family. A group activity is a great way to get to know people better.

Did you love sports when you were younger? Why not join a local soccer team with other adults in your area? There are so many things out there to do that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Ask other people what hobbies they discovered in recovery. You’ll be surprised about the things people do to have fun.

There are a lot of great ways to meet new friends in recovery. Don’t underestimate the power of friendships. You’ll have a lot of people that care about you when your relationships are based on healthy activities. Choose to be with people who support your recovery.

Getting Clean

Do you or somebody you love suffer from a substance abuse disorder? Getting clean in a safe, professional treatment center will help you learn to live without the use of substances. Give us a call to learn more about your options. You can reach us at 877-450-1880.