For a patient in recovery, having the right atmosphere once they’re out of rehab can make all the difference.

While being in the same old environment may make them feel comfortable, it may also include triggers which lead to relapse.

This is why sober living facilities are so effective.

The Benefits of Sober Living

Completing a rehab program involves several steps— they may need to see a therapist, go to 12-step meetings and make their own efforts in living sober. However, one cannot do so if they are not in a supportive environment.

With sober living, a recovering patient benefits from a safe surrounding, one in which they can stay grounded and happy without worrying about any negative association. Now, though some may think that they’d miss being home too much to stay in rehab for long, the truth is that if they brave their emotions for a few days, they’ll be able to break out of their bad habits more easily.

Finding a Fresh Start through Sober Living


At sober living facilities, patients are required to wake up at a certain time, keep their rooms clean, and associate with others members of the house in a friendly manner. This helps greatly, since those associating will know what the other person is going through. And that in turn will prevent them from slipping. In short, being friends with one another will provide emotional support during the more tough times.


At sober houses, there’s no chance for a recovering patient to slip. The environment is kept clean of all triggers that could put the person at risk of reverting to their addictive state. In addition, there are also random tests for alcohol and drugs, so patients aren’t able to get away with it if they do relapse. If the person relapses, they are sent back to treatment.


Sober living facilities have rules for a reason. Though these rules vary from person-to-person, the main goal of these rules is to allow the people to re-integrate back into normal society. So for those with jobs or school, they’re able to do so without worrying about any untoward situation. They’re encouraged to go back to their normal routine, rather than just hanging out in the house, doing nothing.

Emotional Care

Let’s take our sober living facilities as an example. We offer men’s and women’s sober living homes so our recovering patients are able to maintain a sense of peace with their peers. By having like-minded individuals around, patients are able to relate to each other’s struggles and are help out when someone is in a tight spot. This is the kind of support that each recovering patient needs.

Blog12Patients must focus on recovering successfully by using the right resources. Orange County Recovery is a reliable rehab center for those recovering from alcohol and substance addiction. We put your care first so that everything else falls into place.

As a stepping stone to a better healthier life, sober living can help you achieve the life you deserve. Contact us to know more about our sober residences.