People are often unaware of the signs of addiction. Their predicament allows them to live in the dark, being completely oblivious of the reality that surrounds them.

They often tend to ignore addictive behaviors until it’s too late.

Families and friends needing support for addiction issues are left alone in this battle. Knowing the signs of addiction can help you identify people around you who need your support.

Understanding drug addiction also makes you prevent substance abuse and allows you to lead a healthier life. Here are some common signs of addiction:

  1. The most common symptom is the constant crave of the abusive substance. Whether it is alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs or any other substance, it changes brain chemistry. The addicted person finds it hard to stay away from these substances and constantly thinks about it.
  2. This craving leads to a secretive behavior like, lying and cheating. They find excuses to leave public places or their work place, so they can get a fix.
  3. Purchasing drugs puts burden on a person’s expenses and most drug addicts are left with nothing to spend by the end of month. They struggle with money and may begin taking loans or finding other sources of income.
  4. In order to hide the characteristic odor most drugs have, they excessively use deodorants and air fresheners.
  5. They also tend to engage in risky behaviors such as walking though dark alleys at night or indulging in unprotected sexual activities.
  6. Physical symptoms of addiction can include change in responsiveness, changes in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, increase in confusion and sleepiness.
  7. Frequent blackouts and hallucinations are also very common because of extended drug usage.
  8. Addiction increases the frequency of nasal, lung and chest infections. They may contract sexually transmitted infections too if involved in risky activities. Skin infections are also common in people who use injections for consuming drugs.
  9. Workplace problems are also common as these people are unlikely to pay attention, always wanting to leave and getting a dose.
  10. Inappropriate behaviors such as aggressiveness and fighting can also lead to legal actions against them.
  11. They are often very depressed because of this dependency on drugs and may resort to violence if kept away from it for long.

Do these signs and symptoms sound familiar to you? Is it a family member or friend? Are you addicted? It’s not too late; our drug and alcohol addiction treatment can help you take back control of your life. Contact us today for our addiction treatment services.