Dealing with a drug or alcohol addict requires a delicate balance of patience and tolerance on your part as a family member. Your concern for them is apparent.

However, you must understand their situation to aid their recovery effectively.

What You Should Do as a Loved One

It is okay to feel overwhelmed or at a loss when you see someone close struggling with alcoholism or a drug addiction. But even if you have tried and helped them in the past, and they’ve relapsed, do not think this as a sign of failure.

Each attempt you and they make to get sober is a positive step towards overcoming their addiction.

Supporting a Loved One through Treatment

Addiction recovery is mainly in the hands of the person receiving treatment. You cannot persuade someone to go to rehab unless they understand the consequences of their addiction.

How you convince them to consider rehabilitation for their addiction is the main component of your support.

Learn about the Nature of their Addiction

Addiction is not something you just get over. Addiction affects the brain and makes it easy for the person to become attached to that drink or drug because it satisfies a need for them. Rather than going about it the wrong way (giving them the tough love), learn how their addiction is affecting them and offer compassion. Do not challenge or underestimate their addiction.

Understand Your Own Role

family diseaseThe reason why addiction is referred to as a family disease is because we are often in an enabling role. We subconsciously encourage them to participate in behaviors that allow the addict to partake in this habit (for example, allowing an alcohol addict to have one small drink after a hard days’ work). It’s important to seek individual therapy to understand your own role in their recovery.

Maintain a Strong Attitude

Often, an addicted person will not see the error in their ways. They’ll try to convince you that you’re wrong in assuming they’re addicted. Maintain your own strength in this situation and be very patient when you converse with them.

Their addiction is an extremely personal part of them now. Convincing them of its negative effects will require an astute stance on your part.

Make Arrangements for their Recovery

sober livingDon’t expect them to quit because you asked them nicely.

Find an alcohol or drug rehab center and enroll them in a sober living center so they have the environment they need to quit. Addiction recovery requires an authorized workable program through which professionals can assist their patients to return to a normal way of living.

Use our Help!

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We understand your predicament and want to support you on your endeavor to help your loved one recover from their addiction!