Opting for a drug addiction treatment program is a big decision. Choosing a suitable rehab is even more important, as it will help keep you on track for recovery. Whether you choose a center near your home or far away, it is your decision.

Keep in mind that your situation differs from others. While we encourage you to ask around your circle, you must also analyze their reasons. Do they apply to you? Here are a few important points to consider before you choose a rehab center:

Are there any triggers?

Are there people, events or places that influence your addiction? It can be both positive and negative. For instance, if you ever had to experience an embarrassing situation because of substance abuse, you might feel comfortable distancing yourself from the environment. Or perhaps some of your friends or coworkers are triggers for your drug addiction. In such cases, you would want to choose a rehab that is far, preferably out of state.

Positive influences can be as simple as having a beach where you can relax. Choose a rehab near your place. Better yet, you can go for one near a beach, such as Orange County Recovery, which is located in Huntington Beach area.

How is your relationship with family?

This is rather simple; if your family and friends support and motivate you, stay near. You will need all the support you can get through your addiction recovery. But if your relationship is toxic or in any way unsupportive of your decision, it is better to choose a center far away so they do not distract you from your goals.

Do you need confidentiality?

There are two points to focus on here. First, choosing a rehab in your town or city means people will ultimately know that you are fighting substance abuse.

Many people are not comfortable with others knowing their situation.

Second, you might see a familiar face in the rehab. This person can be a fellow addict, a volunteer or a health practitioner. It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable with them around. In such a case, you must choose a rehab center where chances of you meeting a familiar person are minimal.

Considering ease of access?

Follow-ups will be easier if you choose to go to a nearby rehab center. But giving up and leaving program in the middle is easier too. You only need to pack up, call a friend to pick you, and leave. Unless you are on a probationary sentence, no one can stop you from leaving. Rehabs are places where you come and leave of your own accord.

But if you think that being alone in a different city will make you leave the program, then go for a place near you. Chances are your friends and family will motivate you to go back even if you do leave.

Worried about distractions?

To achieve something, no matter what it is, you need to solely concentrate on that. Same is the case with addiction recovery. You have to avoid all distractions so you can achieve your set goals.

A distraction can be as simple as going to a wedding or friends urging you to hang out with them. It can also be codependency on your significant other. Whatever the distraction, keep it away. If this means going to a canter farther away from your state, do it.

Insurance coverage

You might be restricted because of your insurance coverage. They may only cover selected or in-state facilities. In this case, choose what’s available, or seek help from others. Your family or friends might be willing to help you.

Whether you are an in-state or an out-state individual, if you interested in joining our recovery center, contact us today. Find out more about our residencies here.