When getting clean and sober, you’ll face a lot of challenges. The treatment center you choose can make a huge difference in the benefits you reap as you begin to accumulate sober time.

Many clients love the weather in Orange County and enjoy the fact that why are just minutes from the beach, the salty air, and the calmness of the ocean. What are some of the other advantages of choosing our location?

The Recovery Community

While it’s true that Orange County has a lot of treatment centers, you’ll need to do your research. In recent years there have been a few bad apples that are just profiting off of other peoples’ misery. The good news is that there is a robust and healthy recovery community available to help you chart your path. Doing your homework may mean looking for reviews, checking with the Better Business Bureau, and attending 12-step meetings to get references from former clients.

The recovery community in Orange County is vibrant and full of interesting people. They’re happy to help you get your feet wet with 12-step programs and meetings, and they also hold a lot of fun events to help you keep busy in sobriety. The sense of community is strong in Orange County, and there’s always room for more!

Reconnect With Nature and Yourself

Orange County has a wonderful atmosphere, both in terms of climate and serenity. Many people who enter treatment want to spend time reconnecting with themselves as well as the earth and the world around them. Doing so in a space focused on health and healing can help you truly focus on your recovery.

Many people in recovery find that the California beaches help them reconnect to the spiritual side of themselves, as well as the adventurer. Some people like to tackle waves while others love to soak up the sun and enjoy the cool summer breezes.

All the while, at Orange County Recovery, you’ll also have the support you need to transform your life, learn tools to help you stay clean, and start the process of becoming the person you know you’re meant to be.

Call Orange County Recovery for Help Today

Recovery can be hard, and the journey is a process. Away from the distractions of work, family, and other stressors, our professionals will help you begin to heal and focus on yourself, your feelings, and what you want out of life.

Orange County Recovery has been in Huntington Beach since 2002. We have earned a reputation for providing caring & effective addiction treatment and showing our clients that there is “a way out” of addiction, and you don’t have to do it alone. Our clinical team creates a personalized treatment for each of our clients. The treatment regimen will integrate a wide range of treatment modalities so that we can address the entire person – in mind, body, and spirit.  We are waiting for your call at 877-450-1880.