Why Choose Orange County Recovery?

At Orange County Recovery we know  that you or your loved one can change for the better when the environment is encouraging and supportive. At our program, we used evidence based treatment process to facilitate change so you can lead a fulfilling life.

We are licensed and accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Our staff of experienced therapists and addiction clinicians use evidenced-based treatment to address the underlying issues that might sabotage your long-term sobriety.

We have been offering caring and effective treatment for almost twenty years. Here are some of the reasons we have been able to help so many men& women:

  • High Staff to Client Ratio
  • Specialized Treatment Components for Personalized Treatment Program
  • Court & Probation Approved
  • Supportive and Caring Relationships with our Highly Trained Staff
  • Many Types Insurance Accepted

Read some of the supportive and powerful testimonials from former Orange County Recovery clients.

Get Caring & Supportive Help Today

We understand the turmoil that addiction causes and the chaos it can bring into your home. Seeking help is the first step toward changes that can result in life long recovery.

We have admissions counselors standing by to help you down the road of recovery. All calls are confidential. Call 877-450-1880 to speak with us now.



Rock Solid Recovery in Huntington Beach

Orange County Recovery’s drug rehab center and sober living homes are located in Huntington Beach and provide a clean, structured and supportive environment while the individual is focusing on their recovery.  Orange County Recovery is probation approved and offers addiction treatment either for extended care or for the court for those with legal requirements.

Our emphasis is on helping individuals to function in society by learning about the disease of addiction in order to become a contributing member of society.   It is our aim to help individuals return to being fully-functioning members of society by guiding them and mentoring them down the rewarding path of recovery.

Trusted Name

In Huntington Beach since 2002, we have earned a reputation for providing effective addiction treatment services by creating a personalized and caring experience for our clients.  We take helping those who entrust their treatment to us very seriously and so we are continuously improving our facilities and clinical offerings.

Providing personalized care to heal the body, mind, and soul of our clients is the mission of Orange County Recovery.  We provide treatment that will give our clients the freedom to transform their lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually which allows them to transition back into society and thrive as fully-functioning individuals.  Read more about our services and approach on the What We Treat Page.

Our facility is accredited by the Joint Commission for employing standards that exceed their requirements for certification. Our facility and operations have been inspected, evaluated, and accredited by JCAHO’s licensed inspectors. We have also been certified by Google LegitScript for providing transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Court and Probation Approved Addiction Treatment

We’re a probation-approved alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility that is authorized to offer court-mandated addiction treatment.  In addition, we also provide help and support in any legal matters that arise due to addiction.  Read more about these services on our Court Approval Page.


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“I don’t know what I would have done without The Cottages! They gave my daughter a safe place to go while she continued with her recovery. To be thrown back into the big scary world after her treatment would have been too much for her. God bless The Cottages and everyone involved with them for offering her a safe and loving transition.”


Insurance-Friendly Payments

We accept a wide range of PPO insurance plans for our addiction treatment services.  Our payment plans are not only insurance-friendly, but also pocket friendly.  Cash paying clients get special pricing. See our Verify Insurance Now page to see qualifications. These are just some of the things that set us apart.  For a detailed list of the reasons why hundreds of individuals and families in and out of California choose us, visit our Why Orange County Recovery page.

Addiction is Overwhelming and Things Can Get So Much Better
Although life often comes with inevitable stressors, being addicted to drugs and alcohol brings a whole new element of consequences that is progressive and discouraging.  It is difficult to find peace in life while in the grasp of addiction.

A person who is addicted gradually loses the willpower to resist the intense and uncontrollable cravings for the drug of choice.  Despite all negative consequences, addicted individuals persist in ingesting alcohol or their drug of choice in order to sustain the temporary relief that the drug provides.

Contrary to what many people believe, a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is not intentionally self destructive. They also have the desire to recover what they have lost as a result of their substance abuse disorder.

Orange County Recovery opens a door of hope and opportunity to change what may seem to be impossible to overcome.  We understand the psychology of addiction and most of all, we offer the solution to fully recover from the devastating effects of addiction.  Orange County Recovery is ” Your key to freedom!” Get freedom now by contacting us today!

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Specialized Rehab Facility in Huntington Beach, California

Millions of people are in bondage to alcohol or substance addiction.

Over the past decade, as an established alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, we have assisted people in gaining control over their addictions so they can recover and thrive. As one of the best alcohol and drug rehab centers across the nation today, Orange County Recovery offers comprehensive substance abuse addiction treatment services.

With our range of customized drug and alcohol addiction recovery therapies and programs, we focus on identifying, assessing and tackling the root causes of our client's addiction. Our team of licensed and accredited clinicians goes the extra mile to help you find permanent solutions to overcome addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious and progressive condition that demands a resolute solution. At Orange County Recovery, we believe in providing drug rehab facilities that collectively treat the mind, body and soul. Offering the best drug addiction recovery program in Orange County, CA, our qualified professionals work toward having the recovering individual leave with an inspirational story.