Court And Probation Approved Programs

Court & Probation Approved Programs in Huntington Beach


For Those Fulfilling Court Requirements for Drug & Alcohol Related Offenses

The mission of Orange County Recovery is to help clients receive the help they need to really thrive in recovery. Our team of counselors and recovery technicians have earned a great reputation in the treatment and recovery communities for “walking the walk” and helping others to “do what they say” they are going to do (when it comes to maintaining abstinence or fulfilling obligations).

Our extended team and several levels of care can provide many options (including sober living homes for men and women) and we frequently help our client fulfill their court ordered obligations while simultaneously allowing the individual to continue to work at their current jobs.

Court & Probation Approved Addiction Treatment Program in Orange County

Orange County Recovery is JCAHO accredited addiction treatment program that is court and probation approved to work with the legal system in order to satisfy the requirements of the court for those with non-violent drug and alcohol related offenses.  Court letters and court representation are provided if needed for those facing legal issues and who are enrolled in the probation approved program. Orange County Recovery prides itself in being a community solution to the problem of addiction and alcoholism that burdens society as a whole.

Who Can Enroll in our Court Approved Programs

Only non-violent alcohol and drug related offenders are accepted. Individuals with violent felonies, sex offenses, arson offenses, or those who are gang-affiliated will not be accepted. Orange County Recovery is a NOT a Substance Abuse Services Coordinating Agency (SASCA), Propostion 36, PC 1000, or AB 109 funded program. What is Alternative Sentencing?

Contact us for Residential & Non-residential Addiction Treatment Options

We are eager to help you find healing and hope. Our proven approach has worked for hundreds who we have treated in the last 15 years.  To read some stories of Orange County recovery’s clients who have worked the program and are living clean and sober, visit our Testimonials page. Otherwise, feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help you or your loved one live free of addiction and the legal repercussions that often accompany it.  Call us at (877)450-1880.