Court Appearances

Legal Support, Court Letters & Documentation

It is often a good idea for the client to have support from the program it is enrolled in when appearing in court.  Sometimes the judge has questions for the administrator of the program and sometimes the judge just likes to see that the client has the support of a recovery program.  Orange County Recovery will show-up in court with the client to speak on the clients  behalf,  to speak on behalf of the recovery program, or just to show that the client has support.  The more support a client has in his/her recovery program, the better his/her chances are of long-term recovery and less of a chance of recidivism.  This is ultimately what the court is looking for.  Rarely does a person continue to get into legal trouble if they stay the course and obtain long-term recovery.  Unfortunately, the reverse is also true; if a person does not stay the course and achieve long-term recovery, they will continue to get into legal trouble.