The Cost of Not Getting Help

By principle, problems should be solved before they blow out of proportion.  If you or your loved one is experiencing difficulty in reclaiming their sobriety from drugs or alcohol, it is time to make a move now.  there is no state of the addiction that cannot be remedied.  Not getting help today could cost even more expenses:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) penalty fees
  • Bail money
  • Attorney’s fees
  • More money spent on drugs and alcohol
  • Job losses due to distractions caused by addiction
Above all of these, the ultimate cost brought by addiction is ones life.  Addiction can kill and the loss of life is irreversible.

A DUI could cost you over $12,000 in fines and fees,   your job, maybe even your life, or someone else’s.

A sobering thought from the Auto Club

A first DUI conviction can easily cost over $12,000

Estimated costs for first misdemeanor DUI conviction:

  • Fine – $390 or more
  • Penalties – $780
  • Vehicle tow/storage: $187
  • 15-week alcohol education classes: $500
  • Victim restitution fund: $100
  • DMV licensing re-issue fee $125
  • Booking, fingerprinting, and photo fee: $156
  • Auto insurance rate increase: $7,424 over a ten year period
  • Attorney fees: $2,500

= $12,162

Additional potential costs:

  • Up to 48 hours in jail, maybe more
  • Lost work time and wages-or losing your job entirely
  • Medical costs
  • Vehicle or property damage
  • Transportation costs during a 4-month license suspension
  • Cost of an ignition interlock device if required by court
  • Other court-imposed fines and fees
  • Civil liability

-American Automobile Association (AAA)

(AAA – Drinking and Driving)