Wide Array of Addiction Treatment & Related Therapies to Make Life After Addiction  a Smooth Transition for Clients and Family

To exceed (and not just meet) the expectations of our clients, and to deliver on our promise of holistic addiction treatment,  our addiction treatment services include  a wide array of associated therapies depending on the client’s individual needs.  These therapies address the root causes of addiction and help the clients sort out problems either caused by or related to, addiction.

Therapies for the Root Causes of Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction may be caused by several things. Key risk factors include a genetic predisposition (family history), real pain related injuries that lead to addiction, family behavior, trauma, stress, peer pressure, loneliness, and depression.  To provide efficient drug and alcohol rehab and lasting sobriety, we get down to the individual causes that triggered the drug or alcohol addiction and provide associated therapy.

The conditions treated at Orange County Recovery include:

  • Physical trauma and ensuring post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Sadness, loneliness, and depression (including clinical depression)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Panic and anxiety disorders
  • Genetic predisposition to substance /alcohol abuse
  • Dysfunctional relationships

In addition, we provide therapies for different types of ’emotional’, non-substance addictions such as:

  • Work addiction, where the affected person buries themselves in work to escape emotional stress or to achieve success/status/fame.  The affected person is commonly labeled a ‘workaholic’.
  • Co-dependency, commonly known as “relationship addiction” where the affected person develops excessive, unhealthy reliance on their partner.  The relationship is often abusive and/or destructive, and sometimes even one-sided.  We also recommend family support groups like Al-Anon and Families Anonymous.
  • Love addiction, where the affected person chronically falls in love with someone who will not return their love.  This addiction is typically caused by insecure attachments in childhood and leads to several complications later in life.
  • Love avoidance, where the affected person is noticeably avoidance of commitment and intimacy warranted by a relationship.

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