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Orange County Recovery offers long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment services in Huntington Beach to those suffering from substance abuse addiction. Orange County Recovery understands that every individual has different treatment needs.  To cope with the versatility of those undergoing treatment, an individual assessment is taken for each client in the Admissions Process. 

In our bid to offer personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment for those who want to recover from the devastating effects of addiction, Orange County Recovery provides addition treatment based on the individual’s need and they are assessed for placement at the appropriate level of care.

Because our approach towards addiction treatment and recovery is personal and comprehensive, Orange County Recovery provides encyclopedic coverage at all levels of care and respects the time and needs of the clients and their specific situation. Drug and Alcohol Addiction is a three fold disease: an allergy of the body, an obsession of the mind, and a spiritual malady.  At Orange County Recovery, all three ailments are treated in order for the client to have a complete recovery, that they may restore order to their relationships and live useful and productive lives.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment services are an accumulation of different treatments, when combined, offer a cohesive process for clients that enable a complete recovery: body, mind, and soul.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment includes:

  •  Individualized Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction  Education
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Group Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Individual Therapy: Trauma, PTSD, EMDR
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Medication Management
  • Relapse and Prelapse Prevention Education
  • Regularly Scheduled Drug and Alcohol Labratory Testing
  • Spiritual Healing Education
  • Nutrition and Fitness Education
  • Integration of the 12-step program for drug and alcohol recovery (Orange County Recovery offers both versions: 1. Alcoholics Anonymous 2. The Bible
  • Dedicated 12-step meetings
  • Family Services

There are different phases to the drug and alcohol addiction treatment which depends on where the client is in their recovery. The most structured level of care is offered at the beginning of the client’s process and the levels of care scale down accordingly, depending on the progress of the individual.  The lower levels of care are offered as the client demonstrates an understanding of the recovery process.  At these lower levels of care, the client will begin to integrate back into society where they can start to work, go to school, or participate in other scheduled activities while still seeking treatment.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment services are offered to individuals once they are physically detoxed. Orange County Recovery partners with several detox facilities in the local community and are able to place clients that need this level of care until they are ready to start treatment. Depending on the  individual client’s need, the client will be placed in the appropriate level of care for their situation and will either have a full schedule, which is all day, or a partial schedule, which can be a few hours daily or weekly.  In some cases, individuals are under the care of a doctor for their detoxification medication and are eligible to start the treatment process.

As part of the recovery process, clients integrate into the local community using the resources available which encourage long-term sobriety.  Some of the community resources include the 12-step recovery programs and Christ-centered recovery through local churches.

Not sure if Orange County Recovery will be right for you or your loved one? Let us help! Our detailed admissions process, which is designed for a close assessment of your loved one’s condition and needs, will put you in touch with your personal admissions counselor, who will help determine the level of care needed.

There’s no point checking into a rehab center only to undergo a terrible relapse shortly after release.

At Orange County Recovery, we provide unique and effective addiction recovery services, including residential and IOP (intensive outpatient treatment), that take into account the personal history and comfort of each individual who checks in.

CALL NOW! for assessment today at 877-450-1880!  Addiction is a progressive disease!  The longer one waites, the worse addiction becomes. Stop the progression today!

Most PPO insurance plans are accepted for the addiction treatment services and if the individual does not have insurance, a sliding scale will be used for treatment services. Health Net, Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare, are some of the more popular plans, however, many others are accepted. APPLY NOW to submit insurance information to see exactly how much coverage you have under your policy.

Don’t Allow Your Addiction To Control Your Life!

Orange County Recovery offers comprehensive drug and alcohol recovery services in Orange County. Our licensed and certified clinical team conducts a thorough evaluation process to identify the root cause of your addiction issues. Thereafter, we formulate result-oriented strategies to help you live a drug or alcohol-free life.

Regardless of your past behaviors, our experts have the expertise and experience to provide tailor-made treatment services in a relaxed environment. These high quality drug and alcohol addiction solutions are aimed at meeting your personal life goals.

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