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Orange County Recovery was established in 2002, with the aim of helping people and families who are struggling with substance abuse & addiction find recovery. For every man or woman who walks through our doors, our priority is to preserve or restore normal life and function by providing an excellent setting for recovery and the support necessary so that a strong foundation of recovery can be established. Through our tried and tested addiction treatment activities and processes,  we help our clients become functioning members of society again.

Do you have a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction? You are not alone, some estimates by the medical community state that up to 10% of adults in the U.S. are struggling with a substance abuse disorder. By facilitating therapeutic treatment while the client resides in our immaculately appointed gender specific sober living homes, we can help to restore a life that has been compromised by the destructive effects of addiction.

Personal Experiences, Personal Services

The idea of setting up a high-quality addiction treatment focused on overcoming the devastating affects of addiction arose out of personal experience. Our founders bring care and passion to the institution as they have had the humbling, first-hand experience of drug and alcohol addiction in the family. We have seen how addiction affects the individual and families, and we have felt the devastating effects of addiction, and have successfully overcome addiction. We are committed to helping you successfully overcome addiction as well.


Our Philosophy

We at Orange County Recovery believe in the disease model  of alcoholism and drug addiction.  This is the model that is almost universally accepted by the medical community in modern times. The disease model posits that addiction is an ailment caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, biological and neurological factors. The disease model attributes addictions, in part, to chemical changes in the mesolimbic pathway of the brain. Following the disease model of addiction allows us to fight it from the root by understanding the underlying cause of addiction. It’s also noticeable that the disease model accounts for the loss of choice that the addicted person experiences.  This is something that is hard for those who’ve never experienced addiction to understand, but there comes a time in the progressive takeover of the brain by the addiction that the person loses the ability to make the right decision due to primal survival reactions that the “fight or flee” part of the dictates.

We educate our clients and their families using the disease model. When it comes to addiction treatment, our primary philosophy aligns with the attraction model of recovery.  The addiction treatment, drug or alcohol rehab, and other aspects of this model focus on attracting positives – winning over addiction, living life sober, restoring relationships, achieving goals, fulfilling dreams  – as opposed to negatives such as destroying oneself and all that one loves and worked for, for their loved ones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help men and women stop using drugs and remain sober by thriving in recovery.  It’s something that we’ve done for hundreds of men and women. We accomplish this by laying a successful foundation of living for our clients while assisting in the transformation of their lives using therapeutic processes and activities. We employ evidence based therapies, spiritual principles, and education  so that our clients may fulfill their personal, professional, legal, and spiritual needs in order to meet their life goals. Our focus is on healing Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually We provide our clients with the knowledge and education, the necessary therapy, teach them an effective design for living as well as effective life skills and tools of recovery to encourage lasting recovery.  We focus on  the body, mind, and soul.

To be successful in our mission, we extend every effort to our clients to help them to succeed in their recovery. Even clients who fail to cope with addiction treatment, recovery or sobriety and relapse, are allowed to fail with dignity and are given every opportunity to learn from their short-fall so they may try again. We don’t give up on our clients who are seeking help at Orange County Recovery and will not have them give up on themselves.  Our mission is complete only when we have helped them through a cognitive restructuring that completely transforms their  life.

Our Vision

The vision of Orange County Recovery  is to provide affordable addiction treatment and recovery services for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction by offering effective treatment processes.  By providing a structured sober living environment and interaction with our team, we help our clients become functioning members of society and overcome the wreckage they have experienced due to drug and/or alcohol related consequences. We envision Orange County Recovery as California’s most effective addiction treatment center by offering services and remaining affordable for those who need them.

Great Location, Great Facilities

Orange County Recovery is conveniently located in the heart of Huntington Beach, California. Our alcohol and drug rehab center  and residential locations are located close to the warm sunny beach, shopping centers, and recovery meeting.  Orange County Recovery provides a safe, serene, structured environment in which to rebuild lives.  Orange County Recovery believes in creating a sober community so one can learn to truly live instead of struggle to survive. Orange County Recovery offers a personal experience of  recovery. Our goal is to help practicing addicts and alcoholics recover from their disease of alcoholism and drug addiction so they may enjoy a sober, spiritual, and purposefully rewarding life. Orange County Recovery offers, “Your key to freedom!”

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