About the Founders

Meet the Orange County Recovery Founders
Orange County Recovery Founders

Our Founders

Steve and Amber Knight have been passionately contributing to the recovery industry for 15 years. Their solid partnership is at the heart of their success, and it drives their ability to truly understand and help the human soul. What you see is what you get with Steve and Amber. They both have achieved long-term sobriety and understand this journey is not easy. That’s why they’ve dedicated their lives to providing affordable, safe, and nurturing environments for men and women in early recovery. They’re both highly trained and accomplished, but it is their genuine approach and caring souls that have won them the hearts and respect of so many recovering addicts and professionals.

Both Steve and Amber are California Drug and Alcohol Counselors (CDACC), Christian Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselors, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselors (CATC), and California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators. Steve opened Five Points Sober Living Home for Men in 2002, and he is a First Step House Committee Man (i.e. Charle Street) and Vice-Chair of Orange County Sober Coalition. Amber opened The Cottages Sober Living Home for Women in 2004. She also holds a Clinical Supervisor Certificate from the Training Institute for Addiction Counselors, has been a 10-year member and Field Officer with the Orange County Sober Living Coalition, and is the Chief Operating Officer at Orange County Recovery.

Steve and Amber also attained impressive experience prior to working in recovery. Steve was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force and served as a Disbursement Accounting Specialist. He spent over two decades working in the commercial insurance industry and as an owner operator of multiple franchises in Southern California.  These experiences gave Steve the discipline and business acumen to help those in recovery. Amber holds a California State Real Estate license, and has worked in real estate since 1998. She also recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree, with honors, in Organizational Business Management at Vanguard University.

Orange County Recovery Founders

Clinical Director Kate Livingood, MA, LAADAC

Kate has earned her reputation as one of the top case managers and recovery coaches in the field of addiction treatment. She connects with our clients and works with them to create a lifestyle framework that will support their courageous decision to pursue recovery.

Kate has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of mental health, addiction and co-occurring disorders. She holds a number of Certifications and Licenses, both in California and internationally, including:

  • Masters Degree (MA) in Psychology
  • Licensed & Advanced Drug and Alcohol Counselor (LAADAC)
  • International and California Certified and Drug and Alcohol Counselor (ICDAC)
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II (CADC II)
  • Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS)
  • Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS)
  • Licensed Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Counselor

During the past two decades, Kate has served as Executive and/or Program Director for several highly recognized mental health and dual diagnosis treatment centers. Most recently, she spent 5 years as a Director of a prestigious psychiatric treatment center in Los Angeles.

Family Interventions

Kate has extensive training and expertise in both Traditional and Crisis Interventions. Additionally, she has developed, utilizes and trains others in her own Intervention model. Kate adores working with individuals suffering from mental illness and co-occurring disorders. She believes in focusing on treating the whole person, as well as their families who love them.

Addressing the Entire Family System and Planning for Long-Term Sobriety

Kate has a number of specialties, and one of her most passionate is addressing the Family System, for which she has written and co-facilitated a number of family programs. Additionally, Kate has a keen interest in “transitional treatment” — for individuals who are emerging from treatment and reintegrating back to a healthy and balanced life.

Eating Disorders and Post Bariatric Surgery Clinical Specialization

Kate specializes in helping those in need of recovery from an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Kate also specializes in working with those who have undergone bariatric surgery, which can lead to emotional and cognitive dissonance as the change in appearance can be drastic. Over the years, Kate has been the keynote speaker on many topics at a number Community and professional events. She also continues to train many colleagues and other professionals in the field of Behavioral Health.