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About the Founders

Meet the Orange County Recovery Founders
Orange County Recovery Founders

Our Founders

Steve and Amber Knight are both in recovery with long-term sobriety and understand the process of recovery.  They are both CDAAC, Christian Drug and Alcohol Addiction  Counselors and CATC, Certified Addictions Treatment Counselors through CAADE, California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators.

Steve and Amber Knight understand recovery is not just about not picking up a drink or a drug but that recovery involves many life changing events that can be painful and frightening. Sometimes one needs to change his or her friends, the places one frequents, intimate relationships, and/or a job, all while learning new life skills in order to respond differently to life’s stresses.  This can only be accomplished by practicing, using the tools learned in recovery, in a safe and, supportive, environment.

Prior to working in recovery, Sgt. Stephen Knight was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force and served as a Disbursement Accounting Specialist.  He spent over a decade in the commercial insurance industry where he climbed to the rank of  Vice President.  He also spent over a decade as an owner operator of multiple franchises in the Southern California area. Through his experience working in both the private and public sectors, he has gained the discipline and business knowledge that is useful in helping those in recovery to become successful, not only in recovery, but in achieving their personal and professional goals as well.


Amber Knight has held a California State Real Estate license since 1998 and continues to work in the real estate industry. Prior to working in recovery, Amber worked in finance writing real estate loan and selling real estate.  She recently completed a Bachelor’s Degree, with honors, in Organizational Business Management at Vanguard University.

Both having worked in the professional world prior to working with those  recovering from addiction, Steve  and Amber Knight are  equipped with many practical life skills that they pass down to their guests.   They are long-term residents of Huntington Beach and are familiar with local resources.  Most of all, Steve and Amber Knight know that addiction is a deadly disease and they are committed to tough love, accountability, truth, and integrity, all of which are required for long-term recovery from addiction.