Overcoming addiction is challenging, but not impossible. There are several drug addiction treatment centers in the country to aid you through this process.

However, the first step is to know that you need to recover from substance abuse.

Once you start on your path to addiction recovery, you will need to continue till the end. Hence, you should keep yourself motivated to avoid quitting in the middle. Self-motivation depends on continuous action. And the will has to come from within.

Here are few tips to keep yourself motivated:

Listing down pros and cons of your addiction

This is simple: Take a pen and a paper and draw two columns to list pros and cons.

List down your emotional, physical and financial losses during the course of addiction. Also state any gains or benefits you have had because of addition (there will be none). Now match the contents of both pros and cons.

Getting over social anxiety, making new friends or finding people who understand you might be part of your list. But are the drugs really worth the financial and psychological debilitation that you are going through? This is the reason to avoid future use of drugs.

Hang with people who inspire and motivate you

Change the crowd you hang out with. Sit down with people who have given up substance abuse, hear their stories and be inspired. This will reaffirm you in your course of action for recovery and motivate you to meet your next goals.

Look for motivational phrases that work for you

This can help you overcome drug addiction. If told enough times, our brain will start justifying and believing it. We are accustomed to telling ourselves that we cannot do things; why not turn it around in your benefit? Use the power of words! Through someone else’s words, tell yourself you can do it, and you will.

Seek help from family

Friends and family can be the greatest arsenal in difficult times. Just the presence can motivate you for recovery. Thinking about your loved ones, sharing your problems with them and discussing your strategy/goals will help you continue this journey.

Keep these people close, and meet them often. A few genuine words from a loved one can work like magic.

Appreciate your progress through rewards

When you achieve something and get a reward for it in return, your mind will motivate you to do more. This is why you should keep track of your progress and treat yourself for every small and big goal achieved in therapy. The reward needs not be much; take a night out, read a book or go for a long walk. Anything that stimulates and refreshes your brain will work.

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