Field Guide: Dealing With Anxiety in Recovery

Many of us in recovery—especially early recovery—have been overcome with intense waves of emotions like anxiousness, panic, and depression. Even when there aren’t global disease outbreaks, early days of sober living can be hard to adjust to. Big feelings can make even casual tasks difficult, and make it hard to imagine getting through a full day sober, let alone a lifetime.

Overdose Deaths Have Dropped, But Remain Heartbreakingly High

Recent figures released by the Centers for Disease Control indicate that 2018 saw the first decline in drug overdose deaths in 20 years. Despite that bright spot, the numbers remain staggeringly high. In 2018, overdoses killed 67,000 Americans, compared to 70,000 the year prior. Alarmingly, that makes 2018 the country’s second-deadliest year on record, with drug deaths killing more people than gun violence or car crashes.

Keeping Recovery Fresh

How do we keep our recovery alive, fresh, and vital year after year? Often we hear about a “pink cloud” experience—a period, usually in early recovery, when things are going well, and we are filled with gratitude and wonder at our newfound freedom.

Facing Failure in Recovery

In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA’s co-founder, Bill W., describes a trip he takes to Akron, Ohio. He is newly sober—six months—and is pursuing a business venture that he desperately needs to go well. Not only does the business not go well, but it ends up...

Real Talk: Recovery After 25 Years

As a mental health and addiction treatment provider, I often feel like the guy in the Hair Club for Men commercial, “I’m not just an owner, I’m also a member!” To many people, I probably look like an average individual who hasn’t faced too many hardships or...

The Life-Changing Power of Gratitude

more than just a seasonal reminder that we should be glad for what we have, gratitude is a potent tool for improving physical health and mental well-being. It’s associated with better sleep, more energy, less depression and possibly even a lower risk of heart disease. Stress, anxiety, and loneliness can all be dramatically altered by this simple practice

Why Choose an Orange County, CA Treatment Center?

When getting clean and sober, you’ll face a lot of challenges. The treatment center you choose can make a huge difference in the benefits you reap as you begin to accumulate sober time. Many clients love the weather in Orange County and enjoy the fact that why are...

Cope with Anxiety in a Healthy Way

Anxiety can be a reaction to stress that is a challenge to cope with in early recovery. While it’s a normal emotion that almost all human beings experiences, the unique challenges it poses for people who are new to recovery must be addressed. If you’re new to...