‘Bath salts’ sounds like an innocent term for an innocent product. But don’t let the name deceive you. Just like how the term ‘prescription painkillers’ lead people to think they are not dangerous, many treat bath salts as a comparatively safer drug. While this may be true in some respects, it is nevertheless a substance that should be avoided.

The Body

Bath salts are white powder like substance, often labeled as a kind of ‘fake cocaine’. This is because its abusers display similar symptoms as those who use cocaine. Bath salts are known for the dramatic effect they can have on one’s body.

  • Simpler physical symptoms include fever, excessive sweating, and headaches.
  • Users report sensations on the skin after using bath salts. Rashes and a crawling sensation are a common symptom.
  • Basic body operations falter such as a loss in appetite and failing reproductive organs.
  • The body displays signs of stress such nosebleeds, cramped muscles, and grinding teeth.
  • There are tingling sensations throughout the body, including a buzzing sound in the ears.
  • Abusers’ vision suffers as it gets blurry. Bath salts trigger feelings of dizziness and regular users suffer from involuntary and fast movement of the eyes.

The Mind

Users of bath salts report a feeling of euphoria similar to that of cocaine upon using it. But soon thereafter, they suffer from extreme after effects that prompt the dosage of more of the substance.

  • The drug triggers anxiety if it is not administered again. This agitated behavior causes mood swings and insomnia.
  • Euphoria can rapidly descend into outright paranoia that induces hallucinations and psychosis.
  • These delusions can trigger feelings of self harm, including suicidal thought. Moreover, they also pose a danger to others.

Worst Case Scenario

Bath salts can legitimately lead to death. Long term, rampant abuse damages the heart, liver and other vital organs. The increased blood pressure can one day trigger a potentially deadly seizure in a user. In addition, bath salts literally cause the brain to swell, something that at one point will kill the victim. Moreover, the drug’s effects on one’s emotions make the abusers a genuine threat to those around them.

Bath salts are labeled as an actual poison. If you know somebody in Orange County who is tainting their body with this drug, then bring them to our drug addiction treatment center. We provide among the most respected addiction treatment in Orange County, CA. Contact us today so that we can guide you on how to enroll a loved one into one of our addiction recovery programs.