Drug usage most often start out of curiosity but then leads to its abuse and addiction. As often as you use a drug, you become more tolerant to it. This, in turn, makes you crave more of it. This continues until you can no longer give up – at least think you can’t.

The physical and psychological effects of drug abuse are more noticeable. The social effects can further promote drug abuse leading into an addiction. However, these effects can be easily ignored. Here are a few important aspects of an individual’s social life which are negatively influenced by drug abuse:

Marriage and relationships

When addicted to a drug, you will time and again feel withdrawal symptoms. Mood swings, anger and violent outbursts become a part of routine. It is not only distressing for a person to see their partner go through this, but it also puts them in immediate danger.

Addiction leads to irrational behavior which can give birth to conflicts and communication barrier. If a person does not have enough financial resources to buy these drugs or cannot acquire them due to some other reason, they may become violent to get their next fix.

This can happen even if a person is normally calm and kind. If the couple has children, these things can not only destroy their marriage but can break apart the family too.

Friendships and professional relationships

Addiction changes your personality. You will look forward to the time when you can take your next dose and would want to spend more time taking drugs instead of doing other activities. Drugs can induce psychological problems such as anxiety which can make you more reclusive. Nausea, vomiting and other physical and psychological effects of these drugs will force you to stay alone. The lesser you go outside and without drugs, the more dependent you may feel.


Your behavior can affect your family as well. They may feel upset and hurt by your constant mood swings and outbursts. If there are younger members in your family, they can easily be influenced with your drug usage. It can make them more vulnerable to addiction and this might lead to your family withdrawing their support. However, all they would want will be for you to take the first step towards giving them up.

Do you want to improve your mental, physical and social living and give up on drugs once and for all? Choose a drug addiction treatment center and go ahead with a preliminary assessment.

If you’re afraid that you cannot keep yourself away from drugs, opt instead for a residential drug treatment, such as the one provided by Orange County Recovery.