People assume alcohol is a safe substance simply because it is legal. But just because one has the freedom to drink it does not mean it is safe. Here is a look at some of the false ideas people have about alcohol abuse and the consequences they can have.

Alcohol Does not Keep You Warm

A common old wives tale is that alcohol is an excellent way of keeping oneself warm during the cold parts of the year. But the truth is that alcohol dilates your blood vessels and brings itself closer to the surface. This effectively makes you feel warmer but at the expense of your internal body heat. This exposes you to the cold weather more once the effects of the alcohol wear off as all the heat energy would be wasted.

This may not be a big problem for most people, but those who are in situations and climates where they need to preserve body heat; this misconception can have horrifying consequences. Avoid developing hypothermia and look for alternative ways to keep warm.

Passing Out is Not Sleep

Passing out as result of drinking an excess of alcohol is not the same as going to sleep. People who are unconscious because of too much drinking are probably going to need to vomit at some point. If you are near a person who has passed out due to drinking, you should immediately turn them over to the side. Many people assume it is not a problem and let them stay lying on their back.

But when they inevitably need to hurl, they might not be able to position themselves due to drowsiness. This, coupled with the likely numbing of the gag reflex, creates a situation where the intoxicated subject can literally choke on the vomit.

In addition, if they have vomited without waking up, you need to contact medical assistance immediately. This is a sure sign that they have developed alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol is not a safe substance, and one needs to be careful when using it. It is a slippery slide and its best to get help before you reach rock bottom. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, contact a professional alcohol addiction treatment program, such as that of Orange County Recovery. The company has established itself as a reputable drug and alcohol addiction recovery provider. Call them today at 877-450-1880 to understand how the admission works.